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Ken Erickson

Professional Appliance Repair

Ken started in the appliance repair business at the age of 12 or 13 at his friend's dad's appliance store in Crystal MN cleaning the store and polishing the appliance's. Then as he got older and stronger and he begain delivering appliance's. Then he got smarter and begain to repair appliances. So appliance repair is about all Ken's done for 40 year's.

As a repair technician Ken's commitment and dedication to the appliance repair business is something many large appliance repair companies employees simply do not have. He has seen all different types of failures and has repaired 1000's of appliances. If you want the job done right you call the person with the most experience. Don't risk being overcharged or mislead into making a purchase when you dont have to. Give Ken a call today.


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Appliance Repair Elk River MN

Typical Appliance Repair Problems:

Dishwasher stopped working properly

Icemaker broken

Large frost buildup in freezer

Clothes dryer has cold air

Refridgerator making noise

No heat from water heater

All these appliance repair problems we have seen and dealt with affordably, honestly and quickly.


Common appliance repair problems from

#11 "Oh Sheet!"

Clogged Defrost Drain-

Customer Quotes:
"Water is leaking into my refrigerator."
"The floor of my freezer is a sheet of ice."
"Theres a bunch of water under my crisper bins."

A sheet of ice on the floor of the freezer is generally caused by a plugged up defrost drain.  If you have a top freezer model you may even notice water dripping into the refrigerator compartment from time to time.
When the freezer performs a defrost cycle the melted water should be carried down to the drip pan under the refrigerator via the defrost drain.  This drain can become clogged up with all kinds of stuff from food to parts of plastic bags.  In some cases the defrost heater is not close enough or hot enough to thaw the drain to allow water to pass through it. By removing the back panel of the freezer compartment you can examine and thaw the drain manually with some hot water a turkey baster and a whole lot of patients. (Unplug the refrigerator first! This will keep you from fighting additional cooling effects from the evaporator coil and keep you from an undesirable electrical jolt.)  If the problem comes back and you don't find any obstruction try installing a drain heater.
  This little piece of appliance trickery is not an official fix so try it at your own risk!  Get a short strip of 12 gage copper wire and shape it like a candy cane, then loosely hang it on the heater.  This will carry a little extra defrost thermal love down to the drain and keep it nice and warm.
Important Notes:
1. Don't crimp it around the heater or you may cause damage.
2. It should not extend more than an 1/8" into the drain or it may melt the plastic or rubber of the drain tube.
3. It needs to have a long enough hook that there is no danger of it slipping off the heater.

Appliance Fix:Unplug the refrigerator, open the doors and allow it to thaw out, or add a drain heater.

Average Repair Labor:125.00
Appliance Repair Time:30-40 Minutes


#7 ”Deep Freeze”

refrigerator thermmeter

Defrost Problem-

Customer Quotes:
”The freezer is fine but my refrigerator is warming up!”
”I just went shopping! Ahhh!”
"My son left the refrigerator door open and now…"
”There's a bunch of frost inside the freezer.”

All modern refrigerators have an automatic defrost cycle to melt away that inconvenient ice build up that the last generation just had to deal with.  If large amounts of frost is building up on the back wall of your freezer compartment or if the fresh food compartment is warming up and you can still hear the fan in the freezer working you probably have a defrost problem. (Note: the door may also have been left open.) The defrost system is made up of a heater, timer, and small thermostat, if any one of these fail you have a problem. Fortunately this problem is usually simple and inexpensive to fix.

Appliance Fix: Replace either the defrost heater, defrost timer, or bi-metal thermostat.
Appliance Part Needed: The bi-metal thermostat is the most likely of cause of a problem with the defrost cycle and fortunately the least expensive possibility.
Appliance Part Cost: Thermostat 8.00 - 33.00
Average Repair Labor: 150-300.00
Appliance Repair Time: 20-30 Minutes

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