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We are available for all your appliance repair needs.

If your device is failing or has failed we are simply a phone call away. Please feel free to call 763-441-6490 or email us using the form below.




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Appliance Repair Service


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We repair all common appliance problems:

Dishwasher stopped working properly

Icemaker broken

Large frost buildup in freezer

Clothes dryer has cold air

Refridgerator making noise

No heat from water heater

Washing machine leaking water?

Dryer not heating or making strange noises?

Does your stove have only one or two burners

Oven not heating?

Is your refrigerator not cooling or your ice cream
going soft in your freezer?

Is your ice maker not making ice?

All these appliance repair problems we have seen and dealt with affordably, honestly and quickly.


#8 ”Floaties”

Customer Quotes:
”Do I really need to change my filter every 6 months?”
”What will happen if I don't change my filter?”
”The water pressure at my dispenser is very low.”
”My Ice maker stopped working”

Most refrigerators that have an icemaker or water dispenser these days have a water filter. These filters a designed to need replacement every 6 months to a year, depending on how much water you use. 

If this water filter is not replaced regularly your water quality and water flow can be greatly reduced leading to other problems like floties in your ice and water or your icemaker breaking and failing to work properly.

Refrigerator manufacturers want to sell as many water filters as possible of course, so they recommend a replacement every 6 months... In most cases 1 year is a safe bet unless you consume a large amount of ice or water.
(Buying a filter for when you need it from the link on this page is the best of all)

Repair: Replace Your Water Filter
Appliance Part Needed: Water Filter
Cost: 15.00 - 40.00
(tip: if you buy filters in multipacks you will usually get a price break, and you will have another filter when you need it.)
Average Repair Labor: 100.00 (if their honest)
Appliance Repair Time: 5 - 10 Minutes


#6 ”Snow Ball Fight!”

Leaving the Door Ajar-

Customer Quotes:
"There's a bunch of frost inside the freezer."
"My son left the refrigerator door open and now…"
"It smells like something died."
"I just went shopping! Ahhh!"

"Are you trying to cool the whole house!?" From childhood we have all become familiar with this phrase, whether something blocks the refrigerator from closing all the way or we just forget to give it that final hip nudge, leaving the door open leads to frost build up that will keep the fresh food compartment of the refrigerator from cooling properly. The good news is there is rarely anything mechanically wrong.

Appliance Fix:Unplug the refrigerator, open the doors and allow it to thaw out.
Appliance Part Needed:None... However, if the problem returns in a few days to a week you may have a problem with the defrost system.

Cost:A trip to the grocery store
Average Repair Labor: 150 - 250.00
Appliance Repair Time : 20 - 30 Minutes


#5 ”Clothes Lined" 
Safety Coils

Customer Quotes:
”The dryer heats for a little while then goes cold.”
”I can see the igniter glowing but no flame.”
”I just paid 150.00 to have the coils replaced three years ago.”

Gas dryers use a part called the safety coils to automatically open the dryer's gas valve as the burner is cycled on and off to keep a particular temperature range.  These coils often break down and stop opening the valve; this will usually happen after the dryer has been working properly for 15-30 min. if the problem is ignored the dryer will stop heating altogether in a few months.

Appliance Fix: Replace The Safety Coils
Appliance Part Needed: Safety Coils
Appliance Part Cost:15-30.00
Average Repair Labor: 150-250.00
Appliance Repair Time:20-30 Minutes


#4 ”The Barricade”

Clogged Ducting -

Customer Quotes:
”The dryer heats for a little while then gets cold.”
”The dryer heats fine but it won't dry.”
”I need to run two and three cycles to dry a load.”

There is a good reason dryers have lint traps!  Over time lint can build up inside the dryer or a homes ducting and block moisture saturated air from leaving the dryer; especially in homes with vertical ducting.  This effect can lead to very long dry times, low heat levels, and other mechanical problems.  A dryer's duct should be no longer than 10 feet in length; in some cases a water bucket can be used to trap lint.

Repair: The dryer and home ducting can be cleaned out with a vacuum or duct brush, greatly increasing your dryer's efficiency.
Appliance Part Needed:None
Cost: Stress
Average Labor:150-250.00
Appliance Repair Time:30-60 Minutes


  1. General Workings of a Washing Machine

    • Washing machines have come a long way and have quite a history. The modern evolution of the washing machine has brought us to two main types of machines, the top loader and the front loader. With either machine you fill it with your clothing or other linens, put in some detergent and turn it on. They are directly hooked to water lines which bring water into the drum and mixes with the detergent. Then they agitate or bounce the clothing through the soapy water, thereby cleaning out the dirt and soil. The machines go into a spin cycle and pull all the water back out of the clothing. Once more, water fills the tub and rinses out the remaining soap. Again, it spins out the water and leaves your clothing ready to be dried. The process is pretty simple, but your decision on how you want your clothing washed, and how much energy you want to use to do that, may not be so simple.

    Top Loading Washing Machines

    • Top loading machines use two vertical drums with a post down the center that has a special design to pull the clothes down in the center as it moves back and forth. The center then pushes them back up on the outside of the basket. This motion is repeated for a determined amount of time. The inside drum is able to move and is perforated so water can escape. The outer drum actually holds the water. In modern washing machines, there are computer chips that tell the washing machine when to do what. Top loaders normally use more than one rinse cycle to make sure all the soap is removed. They are also known to be harder on clothing and fabric because of their motion. Big objects don't get as clean because they can't be pulled down by the agitator, and top loaders use much more water than the front loaders do. However, they are much faster than the front loaders and have fewer maintenance and mechanical problems.

    Front Loading Washing Machines

    • Front loading washing machines have horizontally mounted drums and the door is on the front. Sometimes the door has a window to see inside the washer. There are paddles inside the drum, which lifts the clothes and then drops them. Between this motion and the rotation of the drum the clothes are agitated. Less water is needed, because the clothes do not need to be suspended in water; they just need enough water to get them wet. There are even front loading machines now that use only a cup of water or just steam. By using less water, they need less detergent, making it less expensive to do laundry. However, they take longer to do a load of laundry and require more maintenance and repairs than the top loading machines. If you are deciding on what kind of washing machine to buy, you should do some research as to what is important to you. Clothes will last longer using a front loading machine.


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