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Service available in these areas:

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We perform appliance repair on all makes and models of appliances!

We offer the following types of appliance repairs / services:

Washer Service
Dryer Repair
Refrigerator Service
Microwave Repair
Range Service
Disposal Repair
Dishwasher Service
Water Heater Repair

Professional appliance repair Elk River

We have been in business in the Elk River Minnesota area for over 30 years. All of our appliance repair services are guaranteed for one year. The main reason for our success is quality work and low rates.This combination has given us many repeat customers and referrals. Whether its your, washer, dryer, refrigerator, microwave, range, disposal, dishwasher or water heater we have the experience to handle the job.

We service and repair the following makes and models or appliances. WHIRLPOOL, MAYTAG, MAGIC CHEF, KITCHENAID, JENNAIR, HOTPOINT, GE, FRIGIDAIRE, AMANA and many more


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We offer washer repair, dryer repair, refridgerator repair, microwave repair, range repair, disposal repair, dishwasher repair, water heater repair and all other major appliance repair

Typical Appliance Repair Problems:

Dishwasher stopped working properly

Icemaker broken

Large frost buildup in freezer

Clothes dryer has cold air

Refridgerator making noise

No heat from water heater

All these appliance repair problems we have seen and dealt with affordably, honestly and quickly.

Common appliance repair problems from

#10 ”The Sound of Silence”

Jammed Dishwasher Float Switch-

Customer Quotes:
”My dishwasher is dead.”
”My dishwasher won't fill.”
”I'm not getting any water to my dishwasher.”
”My dishwasher has no power.”

Dishwashers use a part called the float switch to control how much water is allowed to enter the appliance.  Normally when you start the dishwasher you would hear water running into the tub, if all you hear is the horrifying sound of silence this might be your issue.  The float is a little upside down cup located at the bottom of the tank, inside the dishwasher, that rises with the water level. When it has risen to its highest point the dishwasher knows that the tank is full and closes the water valve.  Objects like forks, knifes, and lids can jam the small cup in the up position tricking the dishwasher into thinking that it is full, not allowing any water to fill the dishwasher.

Appliance Fix: Remove any object lifting the float switch
Appliance Part Needed: None
Part Cost: Zero!
Average Repair Labor: 50.00 - 100.00 (If their honest)
Appliance Repair Time: 5-10 Minutes


#9 ”They Broke the Mold”
icemaker repair

Bad Ice Maker Mold -

Customer Quotes:
”My icemaker is broken.”
”There are ants in my ice cubes.”
“There are little flakes of stuff in my ice.”
”Ice makers these days are crap!”

If you are noticing little floaties in your ice cubes it may be time for a new filter, but If they look like little thin flakes of black or plastic, take a look at your ice maker’s mold. The slippery coating of an ice maker mold tends to break down over time and little pieces of it can find their way into your ice… Not so good.  Unfortunately the only way to correct this problem is to replace the ice maker. In the old days before the birth of modern marketing wisdom and planed obsolescence, ice makers lasted for the life of your refrigerator... Today you can expect to replace your ice maker every 4-8 years! That gets expensive if your paying 200-300 dollars every time to have someone else do this simple exchange for you. Keeping your water filter up to date is about all you can do to delay icemaker decay and learning to swap icemakers is a must!

Appliance Repair: Replace your ice maker
Appliance Part: Ice maker
Part Cost: 60.00-120.00
Average Repair Labor:200.00-300.00
Appliance Repair Time: 20-30 Minutes


#8 ”Floaties”

Not Replacing your Water Filter-

Customer Quotes:
”Do I really need to change my filter every 6 months?”
”What will happen if I don't change my water filter?”
”The water pressure at my dispenser is very low.”
”My Ice maker stopped working”

Most refrigerators that have an icemaker or water dispenser these days have a water filter. These filters a designed to need replacement every 6 months to a year, depending on how much water you use. 

If this water filter is not replaced regularly your water quality and water flow can be greatly reduced leading to other problems like floties in your ice and water or your icemaker breaking and failing to work properly.

Refrigerator manufacturers want to sell as many water filters as possible of course, so they recommend a replacement every 6 months... In most cases 1 year is a safe bet unless you consume a large amount of ice or water.
(Buying a filter for when you need it from the link on this page is the best of all)

Appliance Repair: Replace Your Water Filter
Appliance Part Needed: Water Filter
Part Cost: 15.00 - 40.00
(tip: if you buy filters in multipacks you will usually get a price break, and you will have another filter when you need it.)
Average Repair Labor: 100.00 (if their honest)
Appliance Repair Time: 5-10 Minutes

#1 ”The Buzz”washing machine repair

Motor Coupling

Customer Quotes:
”My washing machine is making a horrible noise.”
”My washer sounds weird and won't spin.”

The top loading Whirlpool built direct drive washer is one of the most common washing machines in homes today, also branded as Kenmore, Amana, Maytag, Roper, Estate, and many more. Hearing this sound when the washing machine should be spinning is obviously a little intimidating. Some people head straight for the new appliance store and drop 400.00-1000.00 on a new washer, others pay 150.00 - 200.00 for an appliance repair technician and about 15-30 minutes of repair time.

Appliance Repair: Replace Broken Motor Coupling.
Appliance Part Needed: Motor Coupling 
Part Cost: 11.95
Average Repair Labor: 171.00
Appliance Repair Time: 20-30 Minutes


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Appliance Repair

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